Politics for the Environment

The deterioration of our environment has become paramount. We need stronger legislation to protect our environment. There needs to be more protection from Fracking which is horrible for the environment that can cause earthquakes and also release harmful gases. We need to be aware of Carbon Emissions, global warming and natural disasters.

While the United States has their environmental woes so does China. China environmental ills include severe smog and acid rain. Any food that comes out of China, you have to be concern of mercury.

Mostafa Tolba, who was also known as the Green Giant, has died. He was a former UN head in 2003. He did much to regulate chlorofluorocarbons.

SEO Core Strength

SEO Core StrengthSEO Core Strength

All strength comes from your core. You need to have to SEO core strength to have strong SEO skills. It’s like working out in the gym. Same thing for building your SEO skills.

When it comes to SEO, there are 5 skills that you must have. You need to have the technical knowledge and be able to do on-page SEO, knowledge of H1, site maps, tagging videos.

Social media-you need to know how to use social media  to gain traffic. You need to know how to build a social a social fortress.  This is essential for building good backlinks. Using Facebook, youtube, Twitter to gain viewers.

Link Building-It helps to use links with high DA to build trust. Also use social profiles are good for backlinks. It is critical for SEO’s to be very skilled in internal links & external optimization.

Information Architecture-The website needs to be easy to use.

Content Marketing-Google like original content that is engaging. SEO’s need to how to incorporate Anchor Text and keywords.

In summary, SEO’s need to understand web analytics and metrics in addition to having the above skills.